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For many years, we lived near a small hamlet, called Russell Creek, nestled in the hills of Tennessee. It was an Amish community buzzing with old-time activities. The men walked barefoot behind their horses and ploughs, preparing the ground for sowing. The waterwheel-driven grist mill ground their grain. The ladies in their white bonnets and aprons heated their oils and measured the lye for the soap pot, while the young girls baked the daily bread for their large families. Others were busy making quilts, preserves, canning or preparing food on their wood cook stoves.

We visited their community regularly and bought their handmade soap. They taught us many skills and gave us a desire to get back to basics.

When we returned to Australia, having experienced the wonderful benefits of natural soap, we couldn’t bear the thought of using regular soap. As our son had sensitive skin, which was irritated by commercial soap, I decided to make my own. It didn’t take long to catch the bug. I quickly discovered the amazing benefits of using fresh goat’s milk in my soap and have received hundreds of testimonies from people who have been delighted with the soothing effect it has on well-known sensitive skin complaints.

Our soap is skin friendly, all-natural with abundant lather, scented with essential oils and chemical free.

You will be delighted with our range of premium-quality, economical, specialty and gourmet soaps.

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